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by Scotty on I did a tweet about wanting to do a book, and needed a writer! I had no idea I would get so many dm’s about doing it baby! Here’s the deal, I want to do a book on my life, I have held off for many years on doing it, but now I’m ready baby! This is very important to me. However I would prefer to have a fan be the writer rather than a ”ghost writer”.  So, I am going to give my fans the opportunity for the job first baby! If I don’t find someone through my fans, then I will use a ghost writer, or just hold off on doing it; in which I’d probably just hold off again. As many of you know, my life has been full of every emotion imaginable! I need someone to write in a way that brings the reader’s into the book, something you don’t want to put down, full of emotion but with the right amounts. I want you all to remember, I have only one life, and this is the life I’m telling, so I have one shot of having it told and told in the best way possible. I don’t want anyone to get upset or get your feelings hurt if I don’t chose you, I love you all baby and that’s why I want to give you all this opportunity first. I’m going to give you all until Friday, August 13th to submit to me the following: Email me at TheScottyNguyen@me.com with the subject of ”Book”, your name, your contact information, previous writing history if any, your requested pay along with I would like to have one page of sample writing by you, and I would like this to be on your life or a made up life, using emotion like what I describe above. I don’t want any writings that are not yours or not original to you baby! Good Luck to all and thanks baby! Scotty

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